Theatre (THEA)

THEA:100 Experiencing Theatre (3 Credits)

Experience the theatre as a live, dynamic art form through an exposure to and participation in University productions. (Formerly 7800:100)

Gen Ed: - Arts

THEA:103 Theatre Orientation (0 Credits)

Orientation to the information and strategies necessary to aid new theatre students in their understanding of the field of theatre. (Formerly 7800:103)

THEA:108 Introduction to the Visual Arts of World Theatre (3 Credits)

Introduction to the theories and styles of scenic, costume, and lighting design from around the world, including the application of these principles to various media. (Formerly 7800:108)

THEA:145 Ensemble Theatre Lab (3 Credits)

An introduction to the techniques of collaborative creation and physical theatre especially space awareness, movement training, and storytelling. (Formerly 7800:145)

THEA:151 Vocal Dynamics (3 Credits)

This course is concerned with the various techniques and principles of vocal production in their practical application providing a structure to discover your vocal potential. (Formerly 7800:151)

THEA:172 Acting I (3 Credits)

Introductory fundamentals of acting through the investigation of the body as an instrument for the stage, improvisation and basic scene study. (Formerly 7800:172)

THEA:264 Playscript & Performance Analysis (3 Credits)

An introduction to various methods of how to read and analyze a play script for theatre production, utilizing theories and tools from Aristotle to today. (Formerly 7800:264)

Gen Ed: - Arts

THEA:265 Basic Stagecraft (3 Credits)

Basic stagecraft including equipment, construction and handling of two-dimensional scenery and theatrical hardware. Laboratory required. (Formerly 7800:265)

THEA:274 Digital Technology for Theatre (3 Credits)

Hands-on exploration of theories and methods used in electronic development of promotional and creative materials. Activities include still and motion image capture, editing and distribution. (Formerly 7800:274)

THEA:301 Introduction to Theatre Through Film (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: HIST 210 or HIST 221. A study of the Theatre with emphasis on its cultural and social influences on our society. Does not meet the Humanities requirement for Theatre majors. (Formerly 7800:301)

THEA:306 Costume Design for the Performing Arts and Media (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: THEA 108. Costume design and construction techniques, organization and maintenance of wardrobe for stage performance and other types of production. Lab required. (Formerly 7800:306)

THEA:335 History of Theatre and Dramatic Literature: Origins through 18th Century (3 Credits)

The history and theory of dramatic literature and theatre practices from their origins through the 18th Century, including select non-western theatre traditions. (Formerly 7800:335)

Gen Ed: - Global Diversity

THEA:336 Scenic Design for Performing Arts & Media (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: THEA 108. The theory, principles, and practice of scene design for the theatre and other media. Lab required. (Formerly 7800:336)

THEA:351 Advanced Ensemble Theatre Lab (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: THEA 145. Advanced training in the techniques and principles of collaborative creation and physical theatre leading toward performance of a devised solo and/or group performance. (Formerly 7800:351)

THEA:355 Lighting Design and Technology (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: THEA 108 The art and technique of lighting design for the stage and other media: light plotting, color theory, and special effects. Lab required. (Formerly 7800:355)

THEA:370 Directing I (3 Credits)

Prerequisites: THEA 100, THEA 172, and THEA 264. Emphasizes fundamentals of play directing, including responsibilities of director, stage nomenclature, play selection, analysis, and rehearsal techniques. (Formerly 7800:370)

THEA:373 Acting II (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: THEA 172. Continuation of THEA 172. Further emphasis on the psychology of the actor and development of performing techniques through scene study. (Formerly 7800:373)

THEA:374 Acting III (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: THEA 373. Further in-depth actor training with emphasis on the language and interpretation of classic plays including Shakespeare. (Formerly 7800:374)

THEA:403 Special Topics: Theatre Arts (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Permission. Traditional and nontraditional topics in theatre arts. (May be repeated, only 3 credits may apply to Theatre major and on 9 credits toward B.A degree). (Formerly 7800:403)

THEA:433 Theatre Organization & Production Management (3 Credits)

Study of successful methods of theatre organization and production stage management of professional and non-professional performing arts operations. (Formerly 7800:433)

THEA:435 History of Theatre and Dramatic Literature: 1800 to Present (3 Credits)

The history and theory of dramatic literature and theatre practices from the nineteenth century through the present, including select non-western theatre traditions. (Formerly 7800:435)

Gen Ed: - Global Diversity

THEA:436 Styles of Scenic Design for the Performing Arts and Media (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: THEA 336. Theatrical and practical exploration of the styles and periods of production design and designers for stage and media. Lab required. (Formerly 7800:436)

THEA:455 Creating Performance (3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits.) This course introduces devising processes, improvisation, ensemble work, and physical theatre techniques appropriate to the preparation of practical performance projects from sources other than a conventional play. (Formerly 7800:455)

THEA:461 Directing II (3 Credits)

Prerequisite: THEA 370. Emphasizes fundamentals of play directing, including responsibilities of director, stage nomenclature, play selection, analysis, and rehearsal techniques. (Formerly 7800:461)

THEA:467 Multi-Cultural Theatre (3 Credits)

A detailed examination of contemporary performances, performance texts, and theoretical writings that reference the history and experience of diverse communities of America and the world. (Formerly 7800:467)

Gen Ed: - Domestic Diversity

THEA:471 Senior Seminar (1 Credit)

Prerequisites: THEA 274, upper class standing, and permission from the theatre advisor. A forum to develop professional skills to make the transition to a theatre career: artistic, academic, business and professional. (Formerly 7800:471)

THEA:476 Theatre and Community Action (3 Credits)

This course will explore civic engagement strategies and situations linking theatre and community in which students tackle community issues and concerns utilizing various performative techniques. (Formerly 7800:476)

THEA:480 Independent Study: Theatre (1-3 Credits)

Practice, study, and/or research in selected elements of theatre arts and production including preparation and presentation of creative and technological projects. (Formerly 7800:480)

THEA:490 Workshop in Theatre Arts (1-3 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of 6 credits) Prerequisite: advanced standing or permission. Group study or group projects investigating particular phases of theatre arts not covered by other courses in curriculum. (Formerly 7800:490)

THEA:495 Honors Research Project in Theatre (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisite: Approval of department preceptor. Creative project or research supervised by theatre preceptor. (Formerly 7800:495)