Outdoor Education (ODED)

ODED:430 Senior Honors Project: Outdoor Education (1-6 Credits)

(May be repeated for a total of six credits) Prerequisites: Senior standing in Honors Program and permission of student's preceptor. Carefully defined individual study demonstrating originality and sustained inquiry. (Formerly 5560:430)

ODED:450 Application of Outdoor Education to the School Curriculum (4 Credits)

Provides knowledge, skills and techniques useful in application of outdoor education to school curriculum. (Formerly 5560:450)

ODED:452 Resources & Resource Management for Teaching Outdoor Education (4 Credits)

Methodologies unique to outdoor education which incorporate a multisensory approach to learning. Instructional materials and resources which permit expansion of curriculum beyond the school building. (Formerly 5560:452)

ODED:454 Resident Outdoor Education (2 Credits)

Skills, program considerations, and organizational techniques unique to an extended, overnight, resident outdoor education program. Off-campus location for four days and three nights. (Formerly 5560:454)

ODED:456 Outdoor Pursuits (4 Credits)

Investigation and participation in practical experiences in outdoor pursuits. (Formerly 5560:456)

ODED:460 Outdoor Education Practicum (2 Credits)

Prerequisites: ODED 452 and ODED 454. Closely supervised practical experience in conjunction with regularly scheduled classroom meetings. Laboratory experience consists of active participation with an established outdoor education program. (Formerly 5560:460)

ODED:464 Wilderness Education Association Outdoor Leadership (3 Credits)

This is the Wilderness Education Association Standard Program for Outdoor Leadership Certification. (Formerly 5560:464)

ODED:497 Independent Study (1-3 Credits)

Prerequisites: Permission of adviser and supervisor of independent study. Provides varied opportunities for a student to gain first-hand knowledge and experience with existing outdoor education programs. (Formerly 5560:497)